Friday, June 18, 2010

Color inspirations

Couldn't resist posting this one, gorgeous colors (on second look though, I feel that the darker blue {anyone knows the shade name?} is kind of overpowering).
Charleston Fashion Week, via SouthernFlourish In tune with the theme of this blog, I am dreaming of a room with the same color theme. A bit over the top, may be, but who knows unless one tries?

{By the way, it's my 3rd post of the day! There's a Malayalam proverb, 'puthanachi purappuram thookum'. It means, 'the new wife will sweep even the rooftop'. The same way, this new blogger can't resist posting. I hope I will keep the momentum going}


  1. Haha- I totally know what you mean- I'm new to blogging myself and I have to stop myself from going crazy with the posting--but it sure feels nice, right?

  2. Oh, I do like that saying! And enjoy this bloggy fun before it becomes just a bit of an addiction :)
    I think a room from those colors would be just fine, although, depending on the style you want, generous amounts of white in the space might help keep things balanced.

  3. @GB and Struggler:
    Yes, it surely feels great to blog. And about the colors, the room I am imagining has blue curtains (both the shades) and orange bedsheets with white walls. I think the blue and orange would complement each other well.



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